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Play for free on Windows AND ANDROID

Game Overview

The nuclear arms race has caused a reality that hasn’t ceased since the Second World War. Now, thanks to the Nuclear Arms Race, you can take part in it. It’s a free turn-based multiplayer game that allows you compete against Steam and Android players from all over the world.

The goal of the game is to extract and produce resources that will allow you to build the nuclear bomb before your opponent does so. The game also includes espionage and sabotage actions you can do to slow down your opponent’s progress towards acquiring the bomb.
A great tutorial is available for you to understand the basics of the game within less than 5 minutes.

A game lasts on average 15-20 minutes. You have the opportunity to play “ranked” games to try and reach the top rankings. You can also try to unlock achievements. The game also allows you to create private games to play with your friends. You can play against the computer in single-player mode.


Multiplayer, Solo, Strategy, Free, Turn-based

Release Date

January 9, 2020




Windows, Android


  • Normal and Ranked Mode
  • Solo mode against the computer
  • Private game to play with friends
  • How to play tutorials (Translated into French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Leaderboard of the 28 best players
  • Several possibilities to end games (peace or destruction)
  • Fast and fun games
  • Achievements to unlock


If you like the game or want to support us, you can buy the DLC “Supporter pack” which offers you additional features and content :

  • A winter theme for the game board
  • Supporter’s badge in the general leaderboard
  • New visual effects when a bomb is dropped on you
  • More detailed statistics about your ranked games
  • 3 new achievements
  • An “extreme” level of difficulty for the single-player mode